An ethical will is a personal document written to share your heart, hopes, dreams and life lessons with loved ones.

It is often written in the latter years but can be drafted at any time.  Some write an ethical will, or legacy letter, at the advent of major life transitions such as the birth of a child, while navigating an especially difficult life passage, in response to a major spiritual awareness or to accompany a legal will.

An ethical will can be utilized as a vehicle for:

Granting or requesting forgiveness

Sharing family history and stories

Offering life lessons, ethics and values

Dispensing love and blessings

Ethic wills provide a sense of rootedness to future generations. It is a reminder of the continuity of life and the unique role we all share as a part of a larger  personal and global family.  It blesses and holds dear all who read it's message. 

If this process appeals to you I can listen to your story and help you draft your message for the ages. 

Elizabeth Matthews,

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Lafayette, Colorado


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