"SoulCollage", the first time I heard the phrase I was talking with a client in my Boulder, Colorado office. I knew it was a process I needed to explore.  I used to love doing collage as a kid, the images, drawn mostly from magazines, gave me permission to express myself in a way that words alone failed me.  Collages allowed me to dream, and dream big, after all, it wasn't just me who had the vision, it was borrowed from a photographer. I could hide the power of my ambition for a healthy and prosperous life behind someone else's vision, it protected me from the shame of, "being to big for my britches".

During the 1980s we collectively started to figure out a concrete expression of our dreams might be effective in helping them become reality, and thus, the "Vision Board" was born. I, and many like me, had a whole new way to imagine limitless possibilities for our lives.  I often made a new board as a way of ushering in a New Year. Again, the freedom, affection, gentleness, and prosperity I yearned for seemed less intimidating on a cardboard backdrop. The medium seemed innocent enough but the process proved powerful and oftentimes, prescient.

Well, I'm all grown up on the outside now but the inner me still seeks growth and expression.  My dreams have shifted away from the external.  I yearn now for the meaning of this great and messy life.  I seek to learn about opening my heart, honoring my relationship to self and others and seeking the divine.  

Why am I here?

What do I , can I, offer this world?

How do I stop the chatter in my brain?

How do I trust wisdom of my body?  

SoulCollage helps me navigate these questions. Above all, it helps me find peace in the tapestry of my life experiences.  It allows me to forgive myself and others. It opens my eyes to the beauty of life on this planet.  

The brilliance of my SoulCollage cards allow me to feel part of a process larger than myself. They inform me that there is a place for me on this earth. SoulCollage is a process for receiving guidance from the Source. Not bad for some images, a board and glue.  Join me in exploring the brilliance of this simple, but profound experience called SoulCollage.  I trust that you too will appreciate it's magic.

Elizabeth Matthews,

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Lafayette, Colorado


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