Elizabeth Matthews, MA, LPC

Elizabeth Matthews is a skilled and empathic Licensed Professional Counselor with offices in  Boulder & Louisville, Colorado. She offers the following services:

Professional Counseling

Elizabeth is experienced in offering support, direction, and care to adults, teens, couples, and families.  She is especially adept in helping clients develop effective relationship and communication skills. When these skills are lacking mood and anxiety issues can be exacerbated. With Elizabeth’s guidance, clients learn important life skills for the building of self esteem and the betterment of personal and professional relationships.  

Guided Autobiographical Writing 

Elizabeth can facilitate you as you write your life story. Organizing life events can give perspective to the past and direction to your future.  It can help you become aware of your unique gifts, opportunities and experiences.  There is only ONE you, by recording your memories and dreams you provide a gift for yourself and others. 

Elizabeth can help

  • Organize your thoughts and materials
  • Identify key moments
  • Recognize themes and patterns
  • Stay on task
  • Gain life perspective
  • Make peace with the past
  • Influence the direction of your future
  • Have fun

Recording your life’s journey is a powerful way to review and honor your past, and inspire your future! The patterns of your life offer insights to your greatest talents and values.

Elizabeth is certified in Guided Autobiographical writing through the James Birren GAB program.

Ms. Matthews is a frequent speaker at local events and has been published in the Boulder Daily Camera, "Ask the expert" column and the BVSD publication, Thrive magazine. 

 Presentation topics include

Abby's voice                                                          Date Violence

Ball Aerospace                                                     Cyber education for parents

Fairview high school                                            Warning signs of suicide (HOPE coalition)                                        

Dawson Elementary                                             Bullying

Boulder High School                                             Homeless Teens

Trinity Lutheran Church                                        Couples Communication

Meadows Library

Minimize family drama

How to listen so your kids will talk

Communication and it's effect on self esteem

Stress reduction, the mind/body connection

Screen time

ADHD: diagnosis and challenges

Date Violence

Fight or Flight

Boulder Daily Camera, "Ask the expert"

Teen depression

warning signs of suicide

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Meeting your goals

Establishing personal boundaries

Benefits of Gratitude

Channel 22, Pathways to Parenting Success

Drama Triangle

Effective Parenting

ADHD and peer relationships

Boulder Valley School District, Thrive Magazine

Social success

Cyber socializing

Positive Re-inforcement

Louisville Public Library

Alternative approaches to treating autism

Elizabeth Matthews, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor, CO #2551


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